It’s no secret...lead generation is harder than ever.

With prospective customers dismissing generalized marketing and sales content as white noise, more and more businesses are turning to ABM for a more targeted approach.

But even seasoned ABM pros have a tough time optimizing their enterprise ABM strategy.

Trust me, we get it.

So we’re joining forces with Drift to help you capture and convert your enterprise leads in order to generate the best possible ROI.

Join our VP of Enterprise Sales, Alex Latraverse, and Drift’s Head of Enterprise Marketing, Gar Smyth, as they show you how to directly target your most coveted prospects and immediately boost your conversions.

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Gar Smyth
Enterprise Marketing

Gar Smyth leads Enterprise Marketing at Drift. He helps B2B marketing and sales teams transform their pipeline building efforts. He's built and led global demand generation, field marketing and SDR teams in startups and large enterprises over the past 15 years. Prior to Drift, he led demand generation, field marketing and channel marketing at Carbon Black which had a successful IPO in May 2018. Gar lives in the Boston area.

Alex Latraverse
VP of Enterprise Sales

Alex leads a high powered enterprise sales team at Terminus. He's an effective and inspiring team leader, who is respected by both his peers and direct reports because he approaches his position with an unmatched level of intensity, intelligence, and passion. Alex specializes in coaching sales teams on negotiation techniques, problem-solving, and enterprise account management.