Are you still using leads to gauge interest in your offering? Heard how some marketing and sales teams are using account engagement instead of leads? In this webinar, we will share how marketing and sales teams can use account engagement as the new metric to align their teams and win more business.

This webinar is for sales and marketing leaders looking for new ways to get ahead of the competition, create more opportunities, and accelerate pipeline. Ryan Vitello, Sales Development Manager at Terminus, and Torrey Dye, Director of ABM at Terminus, will share how they are using engagement to prioritize, engage, and convert their hottest accounts.

You will learn how to:

  • Measure engagement at the account level.
  • Deliver actionable insights to sales based on account engagement.
  • Trigger coordinated and highly personalized marketing and sales campaigns based on account engagement.
  • Align sales and marketing with engagement data.


Torrey Dye
Director of ABM
Torrey is the director of ABM at Terminus. He has over 14 years of B2B software experience and has previously worked with companies such as IBM, VersionOne, QASymphony, and Plutora. Torrey is focused on scaling account-based marketing programs to create more opportunities and increase pipeline velocity.

Ryan Vitello
SDR Manager
Ryan is a sales development manager at Terminus. Before managing an SDR team, he was a sales development rep himself. He has been instrumental in helping Terminus scale its account-based programs and enabling his team to be successful in a hyper-growth sales environment.