The account-based approach is everywhere in the market today, but according to research from TOPO, only 18% of account-based organization have been running ABM programs for more than two years. So how do we know what’s actually working and what’s not working for your marketing and sales teams when the account-based methodology is still so new?

We sat down with Eric Wittlake, senior analyst at TOPO, to discover the five big realities of ABM today based on his research of early account-based adopters. Register for our this on-demand webinar to gain a better understanding of the account-based approach and learn how it can help your business drive revenue.

In this webinar you will learn these five big realities of ABM in 2018:

  1. Account-based is still getting started.
  2. It is a systemic approach.
  3. Measurement has shifted to become account-centric.
  4. The best organizations have a double funnel.
  5. An account-based platform category is emerging.

We hope you enjoy this webinar!


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