Marketers are excited about account-based marketing, but sales teams are getting left behind. As a result, go-to-market teams are not achieving the results they hope for. Simply plugging in a tool won't get you there. So what can sales teams do to transition to an Account-Based model? We’ve got the answers for you.

Join Todd McCormick, Chief Revenue Office at Terminus and Lucas Ulloque, VP of Sales Development at Terminus as they share how to shift sales processes to better engage your target accounts with an Account-Based framework.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Transition your SDRs to focus on only best fit accounts
  • Shift from high volumes to high personalization
  • Maximize SDR and AE productivity
  • Leverage ABM signals to prioritize outreach and increase sales conversions

We hope you enjoy the webinar!


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Lucas Ulloque
VP of Sales Development

Lucas leads a high powered sales development team at Terminus. He scaled the sales development team at Terminus from just a few sales development reps (SDRs) to over twenty reps and helped transform the organization from inbound to account-based. His previous experience is in sales development at Salesforce.

Todd McCormick
Chief Revenue Officer

Todd McCormick is the chief revenue officer at Terminus. As CRO, Todd leads the sales and customer success teams. Prior to Terminus, Todd successfully led the sales team at Silverpop, nearly doubling company revenue in less than two years prior to its acquisition by IBM. Before Silverpop, he was a sales executive at both PGi and CareerBuilder.